Free Speech Is Under Serious Threat In India

Yesterday, I was watching a debate on the similar issue conducted by Tim Sebastian in Mumbai. This debate and its arguments encouraged me to write an article concerning this issue. When we take the direct and the basic question about free speech and expression then on surface it looks odd even to discuss this question. […]

The uttrakhand

The Uttrakhand Disaster – Man made or God’s fury

No amount of condolences can fill the sorrow of many of countrymen who have lost their kin’s and properties to the flash floods. Every human soul on earth is shocked and is in prayer for those who were the victims of this utter tragedy. In my personal view other than the media hyped pilgrims it […]

The Hidden sex

The Hidden Sex

When they fill out a form they see themselves hidden. When they read newspapers they rarely find themselves in it. They are committed to live in shadows not because of their sin or will but because society says so. Inclusion was their dream and inclusion is still their dream. Yes readers I am talking about […]


Rape Culture in India

The bus in Delhi that night was a prohibited zone for women. A girl entering that zone and that too with a male friend was a grievous offence. Her male friend’s objection to the lewd remarks passed by the culprits was a breach of male domination. Her retaliation and attempt to fight back was an […]

sand mafia

Sand Mafia

Let’s just call System as corrupt I don’t care about environment, you don’t care about environment, but when someone else doesn’t care about environment we all start caring about it. We are such hypocrites; we always search for one or the other issue to condemn. We have this strange internet spree in us; we don’t […]


The Telengana issue

My first gut feeling eventually came true that it was the media which hyped the news to the verge that the people of Telangana state were celebrating the formation of Telnagana and declaring 7/29/2013 as the Telangana formation day oblivious of the fact that there are still many hurdles in the way of the formation […]

corrupt temple1

Corrupted Temple Of Governance

The constitution of India was one of the best constitution ever made on this planet owing to its defined segments and features with undercurrents of perfect ideals and ample space for addition according to changing conditions of the Nation. But somehow we went far away from it on all accounts. The statement defining how far […]


Riots: Governing Factors of Its Dynamics and Behaviour

Introduction In a country like India, with such a huge diversity in the population on basis of various factors like religion, caste etc., criminal events like riots are bound to happen due to disputes among communities which have been living together for centuries and has been violent against each other at point of the time […]


Avatar was just a shitty movie

Yes it was because in reality we learned absolutely nothing from its theme or is it that in reality we are too indifferent to people around us. The crisis of Niyamgiri has once again brought up the biggest cruelties of this era in the big picture again. And the fact that majority of news channel […]

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